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* Benefits of pull-ups for your body and mind. Working the latissimus dorsi muscle.

Pull-up bars bring great benefits to those who practice pull-ups as a constant exercise in their lives.

The pull-ups are an excellent strength exercise, it is very complete and works one of the weakest points, the mobility of the shoulder girdle.

Because we spend many hours sitting, in a static arm position our shoulders become stiff and not very mobile and our shoulder blade cannot move easily.

Nor is it capable of functioning as the powerful force anchor for which it was designed.

* These are the great benefits of having your pull-up bar done daily.

It strengthens you: you help your muscles to strengthen and tone in an incredible way, the pull-ups are a self-loading exercise, so it contributes to making you stronger using the weight of your own body.

Pull-ups positions you on a high physical level: Many people are unable to perform a single repetition.

The pull-ups manage to strengthen the back muscles giving a unique aesthetic.

It improves the general physical condition: It contributes highly to optimize the state of your figure, it works the Core and it gives the balance to the muscles.

The muscles of the back and those of the abdomen and trunk will benefit from the practice of pull-ups.

Optimize posture and reduce back pain: if you have a curved back or with some type of pathology, you can see improvements with the successive practice of pull-ups.

It happens because the exercise requires a perfect and straight posture of the back, which will be adopted day after day.

You save a lot of time: you can do pull-ups anywhere, from the comfort of your home. You can install some pull-up bars in your house, and train there.

The pull-ups are an express but very complete work of both physical and mental strength. If you do not have much time to train the pull-ups, they are an excellent alternative.