Ballast Belt

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* The ballast belt is one of the most common accessories that you can find in a gym in the free weight lifting area.
Although it is an accessory that has always been associated with people with a lot of experience and great physical preparation, thanks to sports practices such as crossfit, its use has become increasingly popular among people.


* The first and main benefit of the belt is the increase in muscle power: this occurs when a greater muscle overload is performed, due to the greater weight provided by the additional ballast. The benefit of this overload is also reflected in greater intra-muscular coordination. Another benefit that the use of the belt provides is the guarantee when it comes to performing the exercises in a slower and more controlled way. Therefore, by having more control over the exercise you are doing, the results will be much more effective than without the use of a belt.

Safety is an element that you must take into account when using our ballast belt.