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Compression Clothing: How Does It Work?

We could say that the compression garment is a type of sports garment fitted to the body that presses our muscles. This pressure favors blood circulation during exercise (up to 40%) and post-car recovery during rest (up to 30%).It also works by significantly reducing fatigue during exercise and minimizing the wave effect and vibrations of running muscles, which also reduces the risk of injury.

Another aspect that is worth buying compression clothing is because it helps us get to improve our correct posture when running. This extra contribution of stability and firmness is ideal to achieve more stable and efficient movements.

There are countless studies conducted with runners to know if their performance improves with and without them, but none is enlightening. Do not expect a miraculous solution when using them. In terms of recovery, you may notice improvements in the medium or long term, especially if you do long and intense races or you are dedicated to trail running.

Benefits of Compressive Garments:

*   Let's see a list of advantages that you can benefit from if you decide to use compression clothing:

*   They maintain body heat and transform sweat into steam to prevent moisture

*   They reduce the discomfort due to vibrations of the impacts made when we run

*   Improve and accelerate the recovery of muscles after exercise

*   They facilitate the circulation and oxygenation of the blood in the area of ​​the body where it is used

*   Improve the drainage of accumulated toxins due to its breathable function

*   Help reduce the risk of injury and relieve swelling or inflammation

*   Increase the resistance of the runner and reduce the feeling of fatigue in the race

*   They reduce the appearance of chafing or blisters

*   They can help improve your brands and career performance

*   Help improve stability and posture when running