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*   Initially, comprehensive garments were used as postoperative treatment in some surgical interventions. Its function was to facilitate the recovery of muscle tissues and activate blood circulation.Later they also began to be used among elite athletes. With them it was intended to keep the muscles warm without sweating in sports that required strength and speed.And nowadays its use is so popular that it is easy to see athletes on the street, especially people who practice running, using this type of garments, whether in the form of socks, stockings, hoses or pants. There are compression garments of all types and with all types of designs. Although I personally love the compression tights of Beatfit. One of the most common compression garments are the mesh, so I'm going to focus a little more on them.

*   What are the meshes of understanding for?

Compression meshes are a type of sports garment that covers the legs from the waist by pressing on the muscles.

*   Benefits of compression meshes

They maintain body temperature.

They absorb and expel moisture from sweat. By keeping body heat transformed into sweat in steam and thus avoid moisture.

They provide freedom of movement.

Minimize the impact when running and the vibrations of the muscles

They help to run with good posture and avoid chafing.

Improve and accelerate the recovery of muscles after exercise.

Relieve swelling and muscle inflation

They facilitate the circulation and oxygenation of the blood

They reduce the risk of injury and the feeling of fatigue.