Pro Skipping Rope

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*   Why Mohamed Ali or Bruce Lee were big fans of jumping rope? Why other celebrities who are not professional athletes practice this discipline almost daily? ... Scarlett Johanson, Madonna or Halle Berry among others. What are the benefits of jumping rope?


We all know aerobic exercises, such as swimming, running or cycling. But if you really want your heart to go a thousand, jump rope is your exercise, because it will bring humility (especially at the beginning) and I am convinced that you will end up hooking.

1.- Jumping rope helps you lose weight.

2.- Jumping on the Rope is a Powerful Cardiovascular Exercise.

3.- Jumping rope involves every muscle in your body.

4.- The jump rope Improves Coordination.

5.- Practicing jumping rope improves your endurance.

6.- Increase your agility and your speed with each jump.

7.- Jumping rope improves the activity of your brain and eliminates stress.

8.- Improve your breathing.

9.- Jumping rope is independent of your fitness.

10.- Better ratio of time employed versus profit obtained than running.

11.- It's a cheap sport.

12.- Prevents injuries. 

*   When you have practiced and have correctly learned the technique to jump rope, and have a rope with the correct dimensions, the exercise you do crushes your joints less than others even less intense.