Pro Thick Grips

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* PRO THICK GRIPS is probably one of the most widely used training accessories worldwide. Mainly created to make training more difficult since they significantly increase the thickness of the grip, which means that you probably cannot work with more than 50% of the normal weight. This makes them highly recommended to train grip and forearm in exercises such as curls and all pull (from pulldowns, deadlifts or paddles).


The material with which the Pro Thick Grips are made is very resistant hard plastic, which makes them durable and comfortable to use. The shape is completely cylindrical, so at first it is difficult to get used to using it and we will notice a big difference. The fit with the bar is quite good, being fixed securely.

* Pro Thick Grips SIZE

The normal grip of a bar is usually about 2.8-3cm (1.10-1.18 inch), while with Pro Thick Grips it goes up to 5cm (1.96 inch)

* Pro Thick Grips TRAINING

The Pro Thick Grips fit perfectly on an Olympic bar, as well as on all types of dumbbells. As with all grips, the weight you feel is greater than without them. You have to focus on holding the bar or dumbbell properly. The training is much more intense than without grips. Gripping power is also challenged due to the thick handle. But you should not be afraid, the biceps should work correctly, and due to the use of grips, the contraction will feel even stronger. So with Pro Thick Grips you will be forced to train easier but more intensely.