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* Push-ups are one of the most classic basic exercises in strength-free training. It is a very effective method for all the important muscles of the upper body. The focus is on the areas of the arms, shoulders, chest and back. Through body tension, the abdominal, back, thigh and buttock muscles are also trained. In addition, this exercise can be planned with different variants within a full body workout.

* Where some people do push-ups with bare hands on the ground, others prefer to use training supports such as push-ups. Here are 4 good reasons that explain why training with push-up supports makes sense.

What are the advantages of flexion supports?

1. The training with handles for flexions is more respectful with the joints

* You may have even experienced it in your own meats. Whoever manages to do several push-ups one after another, usually feels certain discomfort in the joints. The reason is that when doing push-ups, the hands are placed at a somewhat awkward angle and both ligaments and tendons suffer quite a bit.

* To avoid this, you can use a push-up support in your training. With this training aid, the hands will return to take an ergonomic posture. They are no longer flat on the ground, but practically form a straight line with the arms. Through this position of the hands, the wrists are no longer loaded and in training it is much more pleasant.

2. Training with push-ups is more intensive

* When your hands are supported by the flex supports, the radius of movement increases. So you can take your upper body in the downward motion to an even deeper level. In this way each muscle is trained stronger, as it increases intensity and effectiveness. With each pushup you will get the most out of this exercise. Beginners will therefore be able to perform fewer push-ups than without supports at first, although it will be more intensive training.

3. You will have better grip on the ground

* If you train directly on the floor, such as tile, laminate, or parquet, your (sweaty) hands may slip. The push-up stands come with padded grips and a non-slip bottom, which prevents any slipping on the ground.

4. Your hands will be kept clean

* You can do push-ups anywhere. But not all floors are clean, since it is still the surface on which we walk with our footwear. It doesn't matter if you train in a hotel room or in the gym: with the push-up support you won't have to lean directly on the floor. In any case, that is more hygienic than doing it without handles. The push-ups support are practically small training devices, which you can easily take with you everywhere.

Note: Due to the high demand for our Push-Up Support due to the pandemic and closed gyms, we are almost sold out ... Order quickly before they run out!