Muscle Trainer Wheel

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*   The abdominal wheel, AB wheel or sliding wheel of exercises, is a novel product that in spite of its simplicity can help us to obtain a steel abdominal but also the rest of muscle groups if we know how it is used properly to exercise without risks.

*   First, the user must stand in a bench position, with the knees bent and with the hands placed on both sides of the wheel.

*   Then, without mobilizing the lumbar area, without breaking the waist and with the contracted abdomen, you must set the wheel in motion so that it slides forward.

*   This exercise requires a lot of practice and the correct application of the technique so that it does not damage the back. Therefore, my advice is that your coach is there to supervise the completion of the movement and correct incorrect positions if they exist.

*   If used correctly, the abdominal wheel is a great product that not only allows toning the abdominals, but strengthens the arm muscles and most of the upper body is involved in the exercise.

*   To train the other muscle groups you can see the photos of the product description.

*   On the other hand, it is an easy product to move to accompany us anywhere and you can use it at home, so your abdominals do not stop receiving stimuli.

*   Of course, the variety always helps and we should not leave aside other types of exercises that contribute strong and marked abs.