Leather Weightlifting Belt

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*   Weight lifting belts reduce stress on the lower back when lifting weight vertically. And they help prevent hyperextension of the back when carrying weight lifts on the head.

*   Functions and Benefits of the weight lifting belt:

One of the main ones is that it reduces lumbar tension by compressing the abdominal cavity. This increases the intra-abdominal pressure, which offers more support in the lower back. This allows the erector muscles of the spine, which normally provide support for the lower back, to make less effort during exercise. Another benefit of intra-abdominal pressure is a greater reduction in contractions of the spine (less compression of the back).

A belt will help maintain your back alignment, which can be very beneficial if you have had a recent injury and can help prevent injuries caused by weight gain. The belts can give you more confidence to lift more weight, it can even give you more confidence to train harder for longer.

However, these benefits only apply if you use the lifting belt correctly. Remember that belts can protect your back to a certain degree but do not 100% avoid the appearance of an injury.It is also not advisable to use it in all the exercises that make up your training program, you should only use the belt only to do exercises that load the lumbar column too much, such as squats or the dead weight where failure is achieved by performing few repetitions.Having the belt put on constantly can cause muscle atrophy in the back and abdominal muscles. The weakened muscles of the back can increase the potential for injury.It is advisable to learn to create intra-abdominal pressure by tensing the abdominal muscles naturally without having to rely on the support of a belt.